Love is the reason for love

​Love is the reason of Love !

Be thankful  for the one

Who is with you till they can

Its just a dream to live and die till end of life

Forget about this dream

Nobody is ready to die with you!!!

– Saahir Ludhyanvi,

उतना ही उपकार समझ कोई

जितना साथ निभा दे

जनम मरन का मेल है सपना

ये सपना बिसरा दे

कोई न संग मरे |
– સાહિર લુધિયાનવી.
As soon as its 6 o’clock alarm started, on hearing alarm Vanita opened her eyes still in a deep sleep ,she tries to find out the button to put off  the alarm , and puts off the alarm, as soon as she puts off the alarm she remembers  something all of sudden.

‘ Ohh, its Sunday today, off from office and forgot to reset the alarm…’

Human beings are prone to forget and make mistakes but clock never did, it works with full dedication and rings on time.As raws of thoughts getting started in mind Vanita unable to sleep, she gets  up from bed and her eyes caught a soft  early morning sun rays coming from the window and atonce a little child getting up  out of her. And with the little kid  in herself she uncautiously gets up making her  hair bun and  came to the gallery, she got hipnotised with the  mesmerising winter morning view from the gallery.Slowly slowly sun is rising in the blue  sky like it ,The blue sky is decorated with the big red circle filling the sky.she was feeling awesome on seeing the view,small clouds are like playing , smiling and  surrounding the sun. There are  soft and delicate morning dews on the leaves of the tree.It was feeling like every leaf was feeling cold and the delicate  sun rays spreads in the sky to warm up  them.Vanita was feeling energetic and wonderful , and she hears cell ringing  in the bedroom, she gets back to the bedroom and it was her dear friend Anumodita’s call.

‘Gud Morning Anu Dear, remembering me early in the morning …… what’s the matter?

‘Get ready quickly ,I’m coming to pick you , we are going to Baroda express highway, My brother Dhvanil’s car met with an accident  , will let you know more once we meet.’

And phone call ended. All the mesmering and wonderful feelings shattered all at once .Vanita gets ready,  in ten minute, she was sitting besides  Anu in car.Vanita’s home was very near to the highway where accident occurred so they reached quickly to the spot, it happend that the front car all of sudden stops and Anu’s brother’s car was just behind that car and collided with the front car.   Anu’s sister in law has little injury but Dhavnil’s hand had a fracture, people get together at the accident place and somebody has called 108 ambulance, it also arrives but Anu’s insisted to consult with her family doctor only and she take her brother in her car but didn’t care about her sis- in-law Suchitra ,Anu ignored her as if her sis in law was not at all there and started talking with her brother, Dhvanil.Vanita finds it unusual , she smiles at Suchitra and make her sit with her on the back seat ,Inspite of his physical injuries Dhvanil has noticed rude behaviour of Vanita’s towards Suchitra, he was disheartened with it ,it gives him more pain , he didn’t say a word … Vanita was noticing expressions of all and she texted Anu.

Anu, I agree that your brother has love marriage,  opposing your parents wish and living separately but what you are doing with your sister in law  is not fair.’

Anu read the message of her friend while driving a car and a line of grief  appears on her face. Just because of Sister in law Suchitra, her brother  quralled with  parents and left home , owing to all this  her mother had a severe heart attack and left this world.How can she forget this ??Dhvanil is her brother can forgive him as he is afterall brother but how cn she forgive Suchitra…how can one forgive her?? Ohh not at all…

Vanita and Anu are best friends and Anu knows each and everything related to Anu and her household matters.Anu  can understand her friend’s emotional state , she sent her second message.

‘Anu, there is a  reason behind your mother’s death was your father’s  stubbornness , what is gone is gone  dear.  Today how you rush on one call of your brother ,Dhvanil  that shows much love towards your brother. But you show love towards your brother only and ignoring his wife then what is the difference between you  and  your father?? Please don’t repeat your father’s mistake again, If you want to connect with your brother , you must  accept her and have lovely connection with his betterhalf first. Its all worthless to pour all love on your brother , he won’t get close to you, Its a human psychology my dear, please try to understand ,you are wise enough..’

While driving Vanita never look at the cell phone but today she reads her friend Anu’s lengthy message.She understands very well hidden meaning of  the message what her friend wants to convey her message and maker her understand in few words.As they reached hospital , Anumodita helped Dhvanil to disembark from the car and said,

‘Vani  dear, I’m taking brother into the hospital , you please take care of  Sister in law , she too is injured , get her done bandaged on the wounds , it doesn’t shows any more injuries but still we need to get her checkup properly  done so that  there won’t be anything much to be worried about in future.’

On hearing the caring words of his wife from his beloved sister , Dhvanil  feels very happy inspite of severe pain and injuries he smiles and a feeling of satisfaction spreads on his heart and face…

Unbeatable  : To show love towards our beloveds loved ones  is always gives an unexplainable feelings.

-sneha Patel.

Story translated by Rumaiza Ahmed.

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  1. HUnbeatable : To show love towards our beloveds loved ones is always gives an unexplainable feelings. 👍🏻 Mast…


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