unbetable -29

ગળાડૂબ પ્રેમમાં પડવું હોય તો નાકડૂબ વેદના સહન કરવાની તૈયારી રાખજો.

-સ્નેહા પટેલ.

6 comments on “unbetable -29

  1. vaat tamari sachi… pan sachhu kahu to mane to aaj sudhi sachcho prem ane eni vyakhyaa ke paribhasha j nthi khabar padti… However I believe in Love and I do have lots of love in my heart….. But till date I haven’t found d love or affection from anyone the way I do… May be kadach maru expectation vadhare hashe ke shu khabar nahi but I haven’t found as genuine, loyal, transparent, understanding and crazy lover as I am…! I can understand it’s a SELFISH WORLD…..!


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